Peer review pressure is mounting

My books have garnered around forty or fifty reviews.

I have been called everything from “the Che Guevara of literary commentary” to “the literary equivalent of the Unabomber”. I have been described as Pythonesque and Pynchonesque. Arrogant and opinionated. Insane, bizarre and completely cracked. But that’s enough about me. Let’s talk about you. Have you bought my memoir yet? I didn’t think so. Back to me, then.

Miraculously, not a single review over the years has been negative. Sure, there was one book that got sent out to critics with ten rand notes slipped inside, but I doubt that was enough to swing it in my favour. Any ethical books page editor would require at least a hundred bucks to say something nice.

For the first time, though, I’m feeling a little anxious. Being criticised for your writing is one thing. Being hammered for the things you’ve done in your life is something else. But I suppose that’s the risk you take when you write a memoir.

So far, so good.

Bruce Dennill

Brian Joss review

Ray Joseph review

11 thoughts on “Peer review pressure is mounting

  1. Hey, Mark.

    Don’t know if you’ll receive this e-mail, but if you do….just know that I bought your latest book as soon as it appeared on the bookshop shelves… a Father’s Day present for Pete……I read it in two sittings….and loved it.

    Take care.

    Stay well.

    Much love.


    Monica M.C. Koep International Development Cooperation / Democracy Consultant P.O. Box 3516 Windhoek Namibia tel: +264 61 236395 mobile: +264 81 127 8495


    1. Howzit Monica! Long time. That’s a hell of a Father’s Day present for Pete. I hope he enjoyed it as much as you did. If Gwen asks him for legal advice, he must tell her that she doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Anyway, she’s writing her own memoir. I might have to put Peter on retainer.
      Great to hear from you again.
      Love xx


  2. just finished your book “Incognito,” and must say enjoyed it as I finished the read very quickly! hectic life story. I have three alter-ego`s in SA namely Gerry Nel, Randall from Idols and my top favourite Ben Trovato – please don’t stop writing Ben! regards John Metelerkamp


  3. I was stuck in bed (no, nothing nice about that one) and read your book. So there! I actually bought it. Loved it but jeez, talk about a hooligan of note. Glad you made it out alive to tell the stories and good stories at that. Being Dutch born I am not entirely surprised by you though.


  4. Ive been hesitating to read it since I have this fantasy about Ben and don’t want to spoil it. Thing is how do you top it – so to speak – for the ‘twilight surfer’ years (borrowed from Don Clarke of The Drakonteur)


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