Psst! Wanna book?

Not many people know that I have written twelve books. I imagine even fewer care. Be that as it may. The fact remains that I have, without even really trying, built up what writers and publishers refer to as a ‘backlist’ and what writers’ wives call ‘those bloody boxes at the back of the garage’.

Some of you might even own one or two of my books. Now you have no excuse not to own all of them.

I am doing this is a public service and not because I have been told to clean out the garage.

Books will not be sent via the Post Office, unless you specifically want them in time for Christmas 2015.

Here, then, are the Dirty Dozen listed in order of their year of release. Point and click.

Thank you.

Ben Trovato

Ben Trovato Files


Stirred not Shaken

Guide to Everything


Art of Survival

Hits and Missives

On the Run

Still on the run-2

Whipping Boy 2


Hearts and mines

13 thoughts on “Psst! Wanna book?

  1. Yes I wanna buy a book. Incognito. The book I mean. I would like to give it to my husband for Christmas but we live in UK. Is available here? He doesn’t do electronic books so would need to be the real deal Best and thanks for the giggles Ann Drysdale



  2. I have incognito. The thought of you singing it is very nice but I’d rather have a beer and a chat with you on Addington beach. Dont know if this might convince you but the beer(s) is on me


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