Sgt Poephol’s Lonely Hearts Club

28-yr-old man seeks subservient woman who enjoys cosy nights in. Also days. Height ranges between 1.5m and 1.8m. Prefers strict routine. Will expect dinner at 3pm sharp. Sense of humour and the wearing of orange not encouraged. Should not expect to celebrate Valentines Day. Own bathroom provided. Prefers to be called Oscar but also responds to 17467/14.


7 thoughts on “Sgt Poephol’s Lonely Hearts Club

  1. Here’s something to amuse your surfer buddies with on a cold day. Netherlandic (Dutch and Afrikaans) is the only branch of Germanic that lacks the common Indo-European root for ‘fart’ (fart, German Furz, Icleandic preta, Yiddish forts, etc.): The Dutch have poep but no fart. Related curiosum: New York English does use poop as a slightly more polite form of fart. And New York (under the name of Niew Amsterdam) was a Dutch colony in the 17th century. I cannot refrain from stuff like this. Netherlandic also uses poephol (slightly smaller than Schiphol), but all other Germanic languages that I can recall the word in use arsehole (German Arschloch, West Country and American asshole). Now you can confront your day with courage.


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