Best news of 2016

Big numbers rolling in on the blog for 2016. At last count, 201 073 views and 154 945 visitors. Best year ever.

Total views since 2011 – 715 864.

Thanks WordPress for the platform.

And thanks to everyone, in 200 countries, for taking the time to read my so-called work, including 24 people in Kazakhstan, 13 in Iceland, 8 in Palestine and 1 in Syria. You know who you are.

24 thoughts on “Best news of 2016

  1. Thanks for your wonderful belly wrenching gut ripping laughs in your inimitable style. You have me hooked like a junkie needing to read you every week. Happy holidays and let me know if you ever wondering around the Durbanville area; you know the area we here hate admitting is so close to “Bi- al-ville” .


  2. Your articles are so good I look forward to them every week, and can’t wait for the next one. Thank you for all your work.


  3. thats great news. i have enjoyed the posts, but my big question, is with all the growth you are boasting about, is your wallet bursting to buy you more beers??


  4. We, (you biggest fans), should be thanking YOU for the sexiest entertainment of this century never mind 2016. I hope you are going to be publishing all your blogs into a book so that you can actually benefit financially from your immense talent as your thoughts, ideas and truths totally resonate with me and speak my language, not to mention express my every emotion in a way I wish I could. Power to you Mr. B. xxx


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