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Making a move

So as I was saying last week, this cute little blog has grown up, left home and become a website currently residing at https://bentrovato.co.za

I didn’t want to make it a subscription site as suggested by some, like Bhekisisa, who was generous enough to write, “Put this behind a paywall. I am prepared to pay per article”. I gave it some thought but decided that when it comes to walls, the world could do with fewer of them.

Some of you offered to motivate me financially in return for making you laugh. Since I am now writing exclusively for you, the people, that seems fair enough. So there’s a button somewhere on the site where you can do just that. Think of it as a fun-raising campaign.

I’m taking all of you with me to my lovely new home. If you were following me here, you should get automatically redirected to the new site when I post something. That’s the theory, anyway.

Oh, yes. And you will also be able to download my books at charity shop prices.

Here it is again https://bentrovato.co.za

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